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Company Profile:

Tsakiris Mallas was founded in 1969 initializing the new era in the field of shoes' design and production.

Keeping up with the international market scenes and using a fully organized creative team Tsakiris Mallas launches the most special designs, setting off the most feminine and elegant side of modern woman. At the same time, both of the brands “Exe” and “Seven” have already achieved an important market share, gaining the young target group, that always desires the most progressive trends. Exe shoes have their own five flagship stores.

The distribution network of Tsakiris Mallas can be counted in more than 40 sale points in the region of Greece, Cyprus and USA, holding therefore a determinative share of market that makes the company strong and competitive. Franchising also gives the opportunity to new associates to share the power of Tsakiris Mallas' brand and- at the same time- it proves the commercial merit of the firm.





2100 parking spaces on
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for people with disabilities.
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