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The company was founded 26 years ago and on 1995 adopted the name Vertice. Ever since a group of experienced associates work together aiming exclusively to contribute to the elegance and style of today’s women of substantial build.

Vertice clothes are elegant and fit perfectly, while they bring out the beauty and grace of a woman’s curves. The products are made in Greece and 90% of materials used are imported from EU countries. The goal of the Vertice firm is to satisfy the most demanding taste of women of substantial build. This is why the company in the last few years has also created a network of retail shops.

Vertice shops welcome you in a contemporary and pleasant environment. You can see the new collection and choose the clothes that fit you. They are designed to compliment and bring out the style of women wishing to combine elegance and comfort.




2100 parking spaces on
three levels. Special parking spaces
for people with disabilities.
bullet_small Times of Entry: 8:30 am – 2:00 am
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