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Telemarketing Store

Contact details:


Tel: 210-6300309, Customer Service: 210-2703000


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Store description:

Telemarkting Store at the MALL Athens is one of the 29 stores of Telemarketing S.A in total Greece as a result of the efford of Telemarketing association to get its products to the costumer.

The store is at 0 level of The Mall Athens and is open for the customers as any other store in the Mall, having 3 salesmen and 1 manager as personnel


Company Profile:

Telemarketing S.A which has been established on 1987 is the fist company in the greek market of sales through telephone calls and co-oparates with all the TV channels for the advertisements of its products.

Beside TV advertisements the company gets its products known to 1.000.000 customers through distribution of catalogue magazines 4 times in a year period.


Products & services:

The company has already entered the electronic commerce through its wed site ( since 2000, today all its products are being presented in detailed description, photos, instructions for use and videos.

Telemarketing S.A is qualified with ISO 9001:2000 which means certification of quality of the products and service being offered to the customers.

The company has also a call centre which receive orders and serve the customers while a special group exists for telephone sales. (210-2716401)

The products that are being sold through the Telemarketing Store of The Mall Athens considered as unique and smart for a better life which satisfy all needs, having fitness equipment being the leader , house keeping products and personal treatment , hobbies, car items, gadgets, even old fashion objects and various collections can be found there.




2100 parking spaces on
three levels. Special parking spaces
for people with disabilities.
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